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Revision as of 9/17/12

This policy is subject to change without notice. Please check back here every few months.

We encourage people to edit and contribute their knowledge to the Wiki, however there are a number of guidelines we ask you to follow while you add to our Wiki.

Editing levels[edit]


  • Can only read articles


  • Are able to upload images
  • Are able to edit pages, NOT protected pages
  • Are able to discuss on talk pages.

Editors (Also Reviewers)[edit]

  • Are able to do all that of Writers.
  • Are able to move pages
  • Are able to edit protected pages
  • Are able to review revisions from Writers, approve or disapprove submissions
  • Able to give 1 day bans to writers who are spamming or otherwise, pending review from Sysops.


  • All powerful.

General guidelines[edit]

What the wiki is[edit]

The Roblox wiki is meant to be an information source on how to build, script, and play on Roblox. This means we should have topics ranging from API documentation, site navigation guides, and tutorials on how to build popular items on Roblox. For example, there should be a tutorial on how to aim a brick using BodyGyro and on how to make a brick fly using BodyVelocity. There should also be a tutorial on how to put those two objects to use in the construction of a simple plane. You can think of the Roblox wiki as a user manual for Roblox.

Writing style[edit]

Though Roblox has a wide age group that the wiki will appeal to, most tutorials should be written with vocabulary that users 8-12 would be able to understand. It’s important never to talk down to the users or use overly-excited kiddie style language. That said, it's fine to have "advanced" pages that go into more detail or more complex descriptions on how something works.

When writing a tutorial or wiki article, write as if you are explaining something to a person sitting next to you. Do not write in the first person. Instead of using “I did this”, use "Let’s do this" or "Take a look here", as you would when writing in the second person.


All wiki pages should be visually appealing, however not so fancy as to take away from the actual content of the page. Good examples are the main page and studio. These pages have a nice layout and various graphics to help make the message and purpose of the page easier to follow.


We have installed the ImageMap plugin. For an example of this in use, check out the Studio page. ImageMaps are excellent for explaining graphical elements. That being said, they have a learning curve. Unless you find counting pixels fun, you should take a look at the tools available to create image maps.


There are a whole batch of different templates that you can play with. Take a look at the list of stable templates. Those are the ones you should use on pages where applicable.


All pages should make use of wikilinks. Each time a new term comes up in an article, there should be a link. For example, if a page makes references to variables, you would write [[variables]] to create a direct link to the variables page. Please make use of piped links when they will help make the text clearer for the reader. All pages should be in at least one category, for example Category:Tutorials. Off site links should be kept to a minimum. Links to Wikipedia and are acceptable. For all other links, please send an email to Gordon so the link can be reviewed.

Protected pages[edit]

Protected pages are usually protected for a good reason. Be that they're needed over a wide range of pages in the case of templates, or because they're key to the navigation of the site, such as the Main Page. If you wish to edit protected pages make it clear on the talk page or in the edit comment what you did and why.


We have installed the FlaggedRevisions extension. What this does is hold back changes to pages until they are reviewed by an Editor or higher. This allows edits while still maintaining a level of appropriateness on the Wiki. Those with editor or reviewer tools should look at the pending changes as well as the unreviewed pages. Reviewers should make sure to never review a user page or a user subpage.

Editor Etiquette[edit]

All editors should take special care to fully review the revision to determine it is correct and up to wiki standards. Editors should use their best judgement to determine the quality, depth, and readability of the revision, and add a short comment in the area provided to better explain their ratings of the revision. In the event of an error in a revision, the editor should consider whether to reject the edit, or instead make the required change to fix the revision. In cases where the error in the edit is minor, additional edits should be made to fix the page, as opposed to an automatic rejection. When a revision is rejected, it is the responsibility of the editor who rejected the change to contact the writer who was reverted on their talk page to briefly and civilly explain why the revision was rejected.

File uploads[edit]

In a statement: Keep them small and to the theme. Don't upload crazy amounts of files and do try to use slightly lossy formats. JPG is fine for thumbnails or small images. PNG is a good format when a picture needs to stay clear and crisp. Don't upload files for use in game. The Roblox wiki server is not intended for use as a game file server.

Account actions[edit]

If you go against these guidelines without good reason often, there's a chance you'll lose your ability to edit pages. The idea is that everyone is here working together to better the wiki, because no single person knows everything. Writers are here to contribute their knowledge to the wiki, Editors are here to make the wiki flow coherently, and the admins are here to help tie things together. Ask questions and, if you're not sure, double check.

If you make more work for other writers, other Editors, or the admins you start to run the risk of having your account demoted. The suggestion is to take a little time off and just browse the wiki, get an idea for how it works and the direction it's taking. In this case it pays to be able to fit in.

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