Getting started with ROBLOX Studio

Did you know that every ROBLOX player already has the studio installed?

Learning to use the studio is a key part in the journey of each and every game developer. These lessons will help you understand the basics framework of the studio to show you how to leverage our tools to build anything you can imagine. What are you waiting for? Get started with ROBLOX Studio today.

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The 2015 BLOXY Awards Are Coming!
UPDATE: In our excitement to announce the BLOXY Awards, we accidentally left off a couple of important awards from our list, namely Best Action Video, Best Music Video, and Video [...]

We Bare Bears Bearstack onto ROBLOX
The Bears from We Bare Bears are walking their bearstack over to ROBLOX. They’re here to play a game loved by bears, humans, and every animal that knows what’s up [...]

Christina "BrightEyes" Shedletsky 2015-07-20 18:39:41
Play Brand New ROBLOX Games Tomorrow on BLOXcast!
This Saturday, July 18, some of your favorite ROBLOX admins and developers will be showing off some new and never before seen ROBLOX games, and YOU can play them with [...]

Jack "jackintheblox" Hendrik 2015-07-17 17:47:52
Hundreds of Thousands of Minions… and Counting!
The Minions are still wandering around on ROBLOX, shouting the names of different fruit and slap-fighting each other. You guys have banded together to find and win: 89,396 Banana Leaf [...]

Christina "BrightEyes" Shedletsky 2015-07-10 16:13:50


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Scripting Helpers

If you are stuck while scripting, you can ask for help on the Scripting Helpers website, where other game developers will be able to help you.

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