Getting started with ROBLOX Studio

Did you know that every ROBLOX player already has the studio installed?

Learning to use the studio is a key part in the journey of each and every game developer. These lessons will help you understand the basics framework of the studio to show you how to leverage our tools to build anything you can imagine. What are you waiting for? Get started with ROBLOX Studio today.

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The ROBLOX Black Friday Sale Extravaganza!
It’s that magical time of year, where we all stay up way past our bedtimes so we can get super sweet deals for holiday goods! And while your friends and [...]

Going from ROBLOX Developer, to ROBLOX Teacher
ROBLOX and other user-generated content platforms are in the unique position of being at the intersection of fun and productivity. They are places that are simultaneously prime sources of entertai...
Jack "jackintheblox" Hendrik 2014-11-26 01:24:34
Experience These Six Unbelievably Good Looking Games
We talk a lot about game developers on ROBLOX — after all, our tools as a whole are designed to enable people of all ages to build and publish rich games, [...]

Zeekerss Puzzles Players in 2.5 Dimensions
ROBLOX is traditionally home to 3D, multiplayer, physics-based games. So, when players discovered that Zeekerss was making narrative-driven, single-player, game in 2.5D – restricting players to a...
Andrew "blockhaak" Haak 2014-11-21 19:54:26


ROBLOX relies on user editors and writers to maintain an update the wiki. We are always looking for motivated and talented people to help!

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Scripting Helpers

If you are stuck while scripting, you can ask for help on the Scripting Helpers website, where other game developers will be able to help you.

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