Getting started with ROBLOX Studio

Did you know that every ROBLOX player already has the studio installed?

Learning to use the studio is a key part in the journey of each and every game developer. These lessons will help you understand the basics framework of the studio to show you how to leverage our tools to build anything you can imagine. What are you waiting for? Get started with ROBLOX Studio today.

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How Engaging With Players In and Out of ROBLOX Makes Your Game Better
Game development is about so much more than building a game and publishing it. The games you see on the front page of ROBLOX consistently have something in common: the [...]

Jack "jackintheblox" Hendrik 2015-01-27 01:03:13
The Latest and Greatest ROBLOX Twitch Channels
Throughout 2014, we worked to not only launch and grow the ROBLOX Twitch channel, but help you — the gamers of the ROBLOX community — get your own streams up and running. [...]

Andrew "blockhaak" Haak 2015-01-21 02:18:48
Let It Snow with ROBLOX’s Winter Games 2015
Winter is in full force here at ROBLOX, and with it come the 2015 Winter Games! For the rest of January you’ll have the chance to earn eight awesome ROBLOX [...]

Tell Us What You Think About Our New Twitch Show
Yesterday we premiered our brand new Twitch show, known simply (and tentatively) as the Developer Showcase. On it we interviewed DevAdrian, the creator of the new hit game, Risky Strats. It&#821...
Jack "jackintheblox" Hendrik 2015-01-17 17:29:37


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Scripting Helpers

If you are stuck while scripting, you can ask for help on the Scripting Helpers website, where other game developers will be able to help you.

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