A game thumbnail can be used help advertise a game, showcase game features, or even announce updates. Roblox provides a thumbnail system for games that can be customized to suit the needs of each game.

Example of thumbnail on game detail page

Games can have up to 5 thumbnails. Each of these can be an image or a video.

Default Thumbnail[edit]

When a game is published for the first time a thumbnail is automatically assigned to it. This thumbnail is randomly selected from a collection of default thumbnails.

Example of a place with a default thumbnail

Custom Thumbnail[edit]

A developer can set up to 5 custom thumbnails for a game. There are 3 different types of custom thumbnails that can be used: uploaded images, videos, and automatically captured images from the game itself.

To set up any type of custom thumbnail for a game, navigate to the game’s page and select Configure Place from the edit dropdown:


Alternatively, this can be accessed on the develop page by clicking on the Configure Place option for the Start Place of the game.


Once on the Configure Place page, click on the Thumbnails tab to begin configuring the thumbnails for the game:


Autogenerated Image[edit]

One of the simplest ways to add a custom thumbnail is to use the autogenerated image from the game itself. This option is completely free and can be used to let the environment of the game speak for itself.

To use an autogenerated image, select Auto generated Image from the menu on the right and click “Set Thumbnail”. This will take a screenshot of your game, send that shot for moderation for review, and will then be added to the list of useable thumbnails for your game. To change the image that is generated, you will need to move the camera in Studio (as described below).


The screenshot is generated from the position of the camera in Studio the last time the place was uploaded. For example, the following Studio session would result in the following thumbnail:



Warning: A developer can only create 12 auto generated images per day. Any more and the developer will be informed that they have reached their limit and should try again later.


Another way to set a thumbnail is to upload an image file. To do this, select Image from the right menu. Then click Choose File to select a local file to upload, and then Upload Image to submit the image for review. Once the image passes moderation it can be used as a thumbnail for its game.


Roblox supports .png and .jpg formats for thumbnail images, although .png is recommended. It is also recommended to use images with a resolution of 1920x1080 so that it displays nicely across all platforms (Xbox, Mobile, Computer).

Note that uploading an image costs 10 Robux per upload.


Video thumbnails can also be used on a game’s page for mobile and computer users (Roblox on Xbox does not currently support video thumbnails). To use a video for a thumbnail, select Video, enter the YouTube URL of the video to use and click Add Video. Once the video has been reviewed for moderation, it will be available for use as a thumbnail.


It is recommended to use videos with a resolution of 1920x1080 so that it fits within the thumbnail frame correctly and can be played at good resolution across all supported platforms. Note that adding a video costs 500 robux per addition.

Thumbnail Ordering[edit]

If multiple thumbnails are created for a game, the game detail page will cycle through them automatically. The order these thumbnails will be displayed in can be changed on the configure place page by simply dragging the thumbnails to the desired position.


Model Thumbnails[edit]

Models can also have thumbnails. These are used when displaying the models in Studio's Toolbox. To set up the thumbnail image for a model, follow the following steps: 1) Make sure the Model is in the Workspace. 2) Position Studio's camera so it is looking at the model. The perspective and orientation of the camera will be used for the image. 3) Copy the "Camera" object in the Workspace and paste it directly into the Model. 4) Rename the copied camera to "ThumbnailCamera". 5) Right click on the Model and select "Save to Roblox". This will publish the model and will also take a snapshot to use for the thumbnail.