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Top Down Action/Intro

In this tutorial series you will learn how to program a fully functional game using Roblox Studio. The game will be a top-down shooter where the player must explore a factory infested with robots and defeat the evil robotic manager to save the day!

Click on the link here to play the finished version of the game.

This tutorial series expects some familiarity with scripting. It is recommended to complete the beginner scripting series starting at Intro to Scripting before starting this tutorial.

TDS PieLauncher.png

Table of Contents

This tutorial is divided into several chapters. Each one will cover adding a gameplay feature.

  • Setup: Instructions on how to download the place file and an overview of the place’s Explorer.
  • Camera: Locking the camera to a top down view.
  • Controls: Forcing the character to always face the mouse and disable jumping and climbing.
  • Keys and Doors: Binding event to keys to open their associated door.
  • Dialog: Displaying dialog events to the player. Will be used for doors and the boss fight.
  • Hiding Walls: Hiding the walls in the foreground when a player enters a room.
  • Pie Launcher: Programming the player's tool to fling pies which will damage enemies.
  • PiBot: Setting up the AI for the basic enemy in the game.
  • PiBot Launcher: Programming the tools of the PiBots so they can fight the player.
  • Health Packs: Binding event to the health packs in the game to heal the player who finds them.
  • SummonerBot: Programming the second enemy of the game which will summon other bots to fight the player.
  • BossFight: Programming the Boss's AI and the phases of the boss fight at the end of the game.