User:AdarkTheCoder/RBX.Lua Tutorial for Newbs

This tutorial is written and maintained by adark. Send any suggestions or feedback to her!

So it seems you want to make a game on ROBLOX!

You may have started playing around with the tools Studio has to offer, but actually making that awesome place you have in mind usually requires Scripting, and as anyone on ROBLOX can tell you, Scripting ain't easy.

In this tutorial series, I will lay out the basics of RBX.Lua, the scripting language used in ROBLOX games. These lessons will guide you in the creation of several games, from tiny obstacle courses, to a massive open-world RPG with data saving and private instanced zones!

For the most benefit, I suggest following along with the tutorials in ROBLOX Studio, typing out the code every time without copy/pasting any code. This will help cement it in your brain, so you won't have to reference this tutorial in the future!

Now, let's begin!

If you have worked in Studio before, I suggest starting with Lesson 1: Your First Script, otherwise, you should start at Lesson 0: ROBLOX Studio

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