About me

My name is Max, but most people know me as CloneTrooper1019, and I'm one of the editors here on the wiki. I'm one of the main "API guys" here, so I do a lot of back-end editing with the intent of making the information easier to understand, for future generations of developers on ROBLOX.

Some of my API contributions

  • Implemented Module:API/CustomTags
    • Lets us add custom tags to classes to help classify them easier.
    • Tags include:
      • Abstract - Classes that can't be created, but are inherited by classes that can be.
      • Service - Singleton classes that are found in the DataModel.pngDataModel
      • NoInheritance - Classes that shouldn't need to use the members inherited from the Object Icon.pngInstance class.
      • Internal - Classes that aren't meant for use by developers, but exist in the API Dump.
      • PluginLevel - Classes that are meant for Plugin.pngPlugins
  • Documented A LOT of methods, events, and properties that were previously undocumented.
    • No more missing members (for the most part).
  • Added Template:ClassLink
    • Generates a link to a class with its class icon next to it.
  • Implemented Module:FFlags
    • Allows us to show/hide text based on fast flags fetched from ClientAppSettings.json which is used to ensure compatibility with iOS updates, which are always 1-2 weeks behind the actual client.
  • Redesigned the AllTutorials page.
  • Implemented Module:API based documentation for LoadLibrary based ROBLOX Libraries.

Articles that I've written

Outside of the Roblox Wiki

I'm also a developer on Roblox, and I make a lot of stuff.


Misc Experiments/Tech Demos