About me[edit]

My name is Max, but most people know me as CloneTrooper1019, and I'm one of the editors here on the wiki. I'm one of the main "API guys" here, so I do a lot of back-end editing with the intent of making the information easier to understand, for future generations of developers on ROBLOX.

Some of my API contributions[edit]

  • Implemented Module:API/CustomTags
    • Lets us add custom tags to classes to help classify them easier.
    • Tags include:
      • Abstract - Classes that can't be created, but are inherited by classes that can be.
      • Service - Singleton classes that are found in the DataModel.pngDataModel
      • NoInheritance - Classes that shouldn't need to use the members inherited from the Object Icon.pngInstance class.
      • Internal - Classes that aren't meant for use by developers, but exist in the API Dump.
      • PluginLevel - Classes that are meant for ExplorerImageIndex81.pngPlugins
  • Documented A LOT of methods, events, and properties that were previously undocumented.
    • No more missing members (for the most part).
  • Added Template:ClassLink
    • Generates a link to a class with its class icon next to it.
  • Implemented Module:FFlags
    • Allows us to show/hide text based on fast flags fetched from ClientAppSettings.json which is used to ensure compatibility with iOS updates, which are always 1-2 weeks behind the actual client.
  • Redesigned the AllTutorials page.
  • Implemented Module:API based documentation for LoadLibrary based ROBLOX Libraries.

Articles that I've written[edit]

Outside of the Roblox Wiki[edit]

I'm also a developer on Roblox, and I make a lot of stuff.


Misc Experiments/Tech Demos[edit]