User:Gordonrox24/3D Printing

An example of a ROBLOX character which has been 3D printed in color

If you've ever wanted to own a real life copy of your ROBLOX character, you are in luck. Roblox Studio has a feature that allows you to export models from Studio into a .obj file format which can be saved to your computer. This feature allows you to have ROBLOX models 3D printed either with your own personal printer, or through a 3D printing service. In this tutorial, we will focus on printing a copy of your ROBLOX avatar. However, these same steps can be followed to print nearly any model on ROBLOX.


The Set Up[edit]

To begin, head to the Character page to customize your character using items from the ROBLOX Catalog. When you are satisfied with your character, head over to the Develop page and open up a new instance of ROBLOX Studio. Make sure you have the Explorer panel as well as the Properties panel open, and then press either the F6 key or the Play button in the Test section of the Ribbon bar to enter Play Solo mode.

Retrieve your Character[edit]

Open the Workspace of the Explorer panel, and locate your Player. Click on your Player, and then head down to the Properties panel. From here, please ensure that the Archivable check box is checked.
Ensure your Player is archived similar to this.

Once you have ensured this box is checked, head back up to the Explorer panel, right click on your Player, and click the Copy button. You may now press the Stop button to close your Play Solo mode, and return to your open instance of ROBLOX Studio.

You should now find yourself back at your open instance of ROBLOX Studio. From here, once again open up the Explorer Menu. Right click on the Workspace, and click the Paste Into button, or alternatively press the Ctrl+Shift+V keys to paste your Player into ROBLOX Studio.

Export your Character[edit]

When your character has successfully been pasted into ROBLOX studio, it is time to create a destination folder for your .obj file. Your Desktop is a handy place to save this file. When you have successfully created a new folder, head back to ROBLOX Studio.

Locate the Export Selection button in Studio.

It is now time to export your character from ROBLOX onto your computer. From ROBLOX studio's Explorer menu, find the Player that you pasted into the Workspace earlier. Right click on your Player, and find the Export Selection button. When you click Export Selection a directory window will open. In this window, find the folder you created earlier, and open the file. From here, you can choose what to name your file. Notice, the Save as Type option should read "Object Model (*.obj)".

Make sure to name your file, and hit save. Note, the file type should be .obj.

Print your Character[edit]

The texture of the character seen in the image at the beginning of this tutorial.

Our work is nearly done. You can now close ROBLOX Studio, and open up your exported file.Inside this file you will find three separate files, including your Player's texture image. At this point your character is ready to print. If you are using a 3rd party printing service, they may require you to upload your file in a zipped file format.