Interactive Tour[edit]

Instead of using a lot of text to explain everything, here's a picture of what we like to call the Standard Studio View. This is the window positions, toolbars and settings that people tend to use, and we will assume that you are using for any tutorials on the Wiki. If your setup doesn't look quite like this or is missing things, then you can to go the setup guide to make it look like this.

Click on something that you want to learn about!

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Menu Bar[edit]

This is the top title bar of the Studio. There are many options in this bar, it's encouraged that you try them out

File Buttons[edit]

These are your basic buttons, which you'd find in any program.

Name Description Keyboard Shortcut
New.jpg New Opens a new, empty Place. CTRL + N
Open.jpg Open Gives you a window to open a saved Place from your computer. CTRL + O
Save.jpg Save Lets you save your current Place to your computer CTRL + S
Cut.jpg Cut Copies something, then removes it. Lets you paste it elsewhere. CTRL + X
Copy.jpg Copy Copies something and lets you paste it elsewhere. CTRL + C
Paste.jpg Paste Takes something you've copied or cut from somewhere else, and puts it wherever you want. CTRL + V
Paste.jpg Paste Into Takes something you've copied or cut, and puts it into a specific object in the Explorer. CTRL + ⇧ Shift + V
Undo.jpg Undo Undoes the last action. CTRL + Z
Redo.jpg Redo An Undo for the Undo, lets you redo an action. CTRL + Y


These are two buttons here, Group and Ungroup. When you select several different bricks you can use the Group command to make them into a Model instead of separate bricks. This is very very useful, and something that you will use a lot of the time. Models can be selected at once, instead of having to select hundreds of tiny bricks, and they can be moved as one unit.

Ungrouping is as easy as selecting a model, and hitting the Ungroup button. This will make the model come apart, and each brick will be separate.

Name Description Keyboard Shortcut
Group.jpg Group Takes single bricks and puts them into a Model CTRL + G
Ungroup.jpg Ungroup Takes a Model and breaks it into single bricks CTRL + U

Brick Movement[edit]

These buttons let you move bricks in specific directions.

Name Description
Rotate.jpg Rotate Rotates an object counterclockwise
Tilt.jpg Tilt Tilts an object
Move up.jpg Move Up Moves an object up 1 stud
Move down.jpg Move Down Moves an object down 1 stud

Camera Tools[edit]

These buttons allow you to move the camera around to look at things

Name Description Keyboard Shortcut
Pan left.jpg Pan Left Rotates the camera 45 degrees to the left Hold down right click, move mouse
Pan right.jpg Pan Right Rotates the camera 45 degrees to the right Hold down right click, move mouse
Tilt up.jpg Tilt Up Rotates the camera 45 degrees up Hold down right click, move mouse
Tilt down.jpg Tilt Down Rotates the camera 45 degrees down Hold down right click, move mouse
Zoom in.jpg Zoom In Gets closer to the camera's subject I (Mouse Scroll Forward)
Zoom out.jpg Zoom Out Gets farther away from the camera's subject O (Mouse Scroll Back)
Center on object.jpg Center on Object Centers the camera on the selected object
Zoom to extents.jpg Zoom to Extents Fits the screen to the size of the selected object

Run, Pause and Reset[edit]

These buttons let you start and stop the actual Place if you're in Edit mode.

Name Description
Play.jpg Play Starts running the Place.
Pause.jpg Pause Temporarily stops the physics in a Place. Note: This does not stop scripts, they will continue to run.
Reset.jpg Reset Sets a Place back to the point right before Play was clicked Note: Clicking this will erase any work done while Play was active.

Brick Properties[edit]

This set of buttons lets you alter the properties of a brick. Things like color, position, etc.

Name Description Property
Select.jpg Drag Lets you select and then drag around bricks
Move on axis.jpg Move on Axis Puts orange arrows around a selected object. Click and hold one to drag only in that direction. Position
Resize.jpg Resize Puts blue spheres around a selected object. Click and drag one to resize in that direction Size
Anchor.jpg Anchor Makes an object become frozen in Place, and not move at all. Anchored
Lock.jpg Lock Makes an object to where you cannot select it. Locked
Fill color.jpg Fill color Select a color and click on a brick to set it there. BrickColor
Pick color.jpg Pick color Click on a brick to set the fill color tool to that color.
Material.jpg Material Like the Color, select a material and click on a brick to apply it. Material

Surface Types[edit]

These buttons let you select what type of surface an object has. Click on the type of surface you want, then on the specific surface you wish to change.

Name Description
Smooth.jpg Smooth Does not connect with inlets, studs, glue or universal surfaces.
Glue.jpg Glue Higher friction than a Smooth surface, otherwise the same.
Weld.jpg Weld Creates a connection with any surface.
Studs.jpg Studs Creates a connection with Universal, Inlets, or Welds.
Inlet.jpg Inlets Creates a connection with Studs, Universal, or Welds.
Universal.jpg Universal Creates a connection with Studs, Inlets or Welds.
Hinge.jpg Hinge Creates a rotation point, allowing a brick touching the yellow pin to rotate.
Motor.jpg Motor Creates a powered hinge joint. See Motors