02/16/2012 - 0.51.0

02/16/2012 | Client 0.51.0
Version: 0.51.0
Type: Client
Studio Bug Fixes
  • camera FOV takes in different values then it displays.
  • Changing cells in the largest chunk (x > 480, y > 48, z > 480) can cause crash
  • Character fixes: - Proper strafing positioning with wasd + mouse
  • CoreGuiService::displayOnScreenMessage redefines bottomRightControl, hiding original. The new one is the same as the old!
  • Deadlock when moving toolbars in Studio
  • Docking toolbars freeze
  • Draw::selectionBox throws assertion - makes debug builds useless
  • Long delay after terrain building
  • Mac boostrapper hangs after launch, can't get into game
  • Mac studio: if Toolbox is docked on the right you can't expand the right panel
  • Mac Studio: play solo performance is worse than Mac Player.
  • Mac: Be able to launch place from command line
  • Mac: Installing Studio brings up 2 icons in the dock on 10.6 and 10.7
  • MacStudio: Unlocking Explorer or Property window changes Roblox cursor to the default system cursor
  • Make release flavor of asserts for threading
  • MFC Studio: New dynamic cursors for "Auto-Join" Edit tools
  • NASTY: Copy Paste in ROBLOX Studio Now Creates Temporary Models - Must Fix
  • on Mac if you click on roblox it will just keep opening new webpages over and over
  • OSX 10.7: launching the game from website causes Client to hang/crash
  • Qt Studio - Mac: Double click on .rbxl file should open in Studio
  • Qt Studio (win, at least): Settings are not saved between sessions
  • Qt: On Windows the Clear command should have Delete as the shortcut key, not Backspace
  • QtStudio (Windows Only):: Dock widgets (Toolbox, Task Scheduler and Diagnostic view) disappear when main window is minimized and restored once
  • QtStudio on Windows: Assert when changing object properties (legacy lock)
  • QtStudio Windows: place with terrain is rendering at 15FPS. The same place in MFC Studio renders at 100FPS
  • QtStudio: Close Start Page and then close new doc - doc related views remain visible
  • QtStudio: Fonts in script document cannot be changed
  • QtStudio: Use icons delivered by Jahr for various states in all Edit tools
  • Remove green insert flash on insert
  • Reset Character Dialog Unusable While Locked into First Person
  • Resize tool doesn't rezise parts welded to _wedge_ terrain pieces
  • ScriptContext::setRobloxPlace generates chatty log information (should be removed after debugging is done)
  • Setting coordinate frame messes up terrain rendering
  • Studio shortcut during player install.
  • Studio: With Rotate tool should be able to use spheres as rotate handles
  • xStudio (Mac/Win) Studio Bootstrapper Crash
  • xStudio Win - Login stopped working with Qt 4.8 upgrade on Windows
Rendering Fixes
  • ambient Occlusion and plasticQuality low create shadow artifacts all over the screen
New/Updated Objects
Lua Security and Operation Fixes
Other Changes
  • Add new studio Icon to Mac bootstrapper and studio
  • Get rid of browse mode in Mac player
  • Inter-script communication is made easier
  • MOAR materials! (help PBS performance) (2) (2)
  • Release New Model Functions (part of US5172)
  • Testing Splash Screen on Gametest
  • xStudio (Mac/Win Only) - Map all Accelerator shortcut from MFC Studio to Qt Studio

02/01/2012 - 0.50.0

02/01/2012 | Client 0.50.0
Version: 0.50.0
Type: Client
Studio Bug Fixes
  • CoreGui Notification Script Errors out: nil or missing argument
  • Mac Studio:
    • Getting closed after selecting "Cancel" in "Save as" dialog window
    • InsertObject: Cannot find the target place" message
    • Publish to Roblox... page Cancels and closes does not work
    • Unable to edit script after performing "Find" -> "Replace" action
    • Can't drag and drop models from the toolbox
    • Crash on 10.5
    • System cursor remains visible through game cursor.
  • Missing plugins in Studio
  • Mouse cursor flickering when clicking right mouse button
  • Poor physics performance in terrain and happy home mixed place
  • Qt Studio
    • regression with Toolbox view - HTML is cutoff, no scroll bars
    • re-selecting the active studio tool seems to engage the null tool
    • Strip out unwanted GUI items in a Studio document
  • Reset All button in personal build server destroyed the character - it never came back
  • Studio:
    • Axis Move on parts (from auto-join toolbar) should have a grid
    • RotateParts -- grid doesn't appear when part is grabbed for rotation
  • Tool fires two simultaneous Equipped signals
  • Top Gametest crash:RobloxApp!RBX::MeshContentProvider::
  • Track web fix: edit and build buttons don't work with the latest qt studio build
  • Undroppable --> Droppable
  • xStudio:
Rendering Fixes
  • Crosshair on the cylinder sides remains visible through the fog
  • Diamond Plate texture does not show up on some machines
  • Explosion particles have visible square backgound
  • Fog + High Quality Plastic = Weird Fog
  • OpenGL: bridge parts remains visible through the fog
  • Particles dont seem to get fogged twice becoming white when the fog is thick
  • Plastic w/Reflectance property on is not being fogged like the other materials
  • White gaps in terrain texture
New/Updated Objects
Fixed Online Bugs/Performance
  • Players Dropping Connection after Loading Map
  • Server using wrong send threshold - should be client-determined
Lua Security and Operation Fixes
  • ScriptContext.GetScriptStats returns a nested tuple instead of an array
Other Changes
  • Hardware Mouse:
    • clicking right mouse button causes cursor to blink
    • Windows cursor is flickering through the game cursor when zooming in to the 1st person mode
    • Windows cursor is flickering through the game cursor while typing in first person mode


02/23/2012 - 124b

02/23/2012 | Client / Web 124b
Version: 124b
Type: Client / Web
Website Changes
  • Add sets pane to profile page
  • Bug fix: Re-add top banner ad on Contests History page
  • Bug fix: Notification tab is now in focus when navigating to My Notifications
  • Performance bug fix: for chat - reduced the # of chat traffic to web servers by 1/3rd
  • Bug fixes: for report abuse links & reporting pages
  • BC page: question mark button now pops out new window instead of opening in same window
Lua Security and Operation Fixes
  • Lua update: Remove Players::SetBuildToolsUrl

02/12/2012 - 123b

02/12/2012 | Web 123b
Version: 123b
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • Bug fix: remove white-on-white text link for parent login
  • Put user ads back into iFrames, fix abuse report link not being clickable, fix return URL for Abuse Report
  • Bug fix: for duplicate panes after making a place active/inactive
  • Boku changes - remove Boku from Robux payment options; unification of price points
  • Remove Wallie

02/10/2012 - 123a

02/10/2012 | Web 123a
Version: 123a
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • More sanitization of group names
  • Thumbnail widgets
  • Don't set the visits upload URL if that upload URL is empty when clicking the Edit button.

02/09/2012 - 122b

02/09/2012 | Web 122b
Version: 122b
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • Icon to show show age bracket on banner
  • Bug fix for no game link in video description on YouTube
  • Add validation for group names & descriptions to prevent unwanted special characters

02/07/2012 - 122a

02/07/2012 | Web 122a
Version: 122a
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • Add option to appeal bans via email
  • Group page - exile user confirmation pop-up and checkbox to remove all posts for a to-be-exiled user
  • More desaturation of blue links across the site, including parents page, user feed, groups

02/02/2012 - 121b

02/02/2012 | Web 121b
Version: 121b
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • Bug fix - On "Please Upgrade Me" page, ensure that emails actually get sent out rather than being auto-moderated
  • Various other minor website fixes

02/01/2012 - 121a

02/01/2012 | Web 121a
Version: 121a
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • Gamecard update - Show pane to users w/no credit to show them what they can buy with credit.