03/29/2012 - 0.54.0

03/29/2012 | Client 0.54.0
Version: 0.54.0
Type: Client
Fixed Online Bugs/Performance
  • Clientsetting URL for prod is getting malformed
Other Changes
  • Update version of backend network engine

03/22/2012 - 0.53.0

03/22/2012 | Client 0.53.0
Version: 0.53.0
Type: Client
Studio Bug Fixes
  • Mouse travel isn't pinned by edge of screen. You can "lose" the mouse
  • Backpack thinks its open in certain games after character dies
  • Boost::function<void(void)> doesn't work in GCC. Breaks TestService::Run
  • Camera view jumping
  • CEvent::Wait(timeout) is not working correctly on OSX. It always waits 1 second
  • Changing cells in the largest chunk (x > 480, y > 48, z > 480) can cause crash
  • Chrome Plugin Crashing Often
  • Copied high scalability parts look wrong while stamping
  • Crash in MegaClusterPoly::findCellsTouchingGeometryWithBuffer
  • Data loss issue: ScriptsDisabled can be changed by an in-game script!
  • Edit tool cursor improvements
  • ExitHandlers::onErrorHandler doesn't null-check the error message
  • FastLogSettings unit test fails on OSX
  • Finish RbxOgre.UnitTest
  • Fix and Extend physics regression tests
  • Hardware mouse affects double clicks in gear
  • Hardware mouse cursor flickers in studio after setting the CameraMode value.
  • Improve Fastlog flags
  • Last line in TestService scripts are ignored
  • Level upgrade code may not correctly upgrade SpaceCut_Terrain
  • Local JSON override for ClientSettings
  • New stamper delete tool does not delete the entire model
  • Performance: TaskScheduler uses weak_ptr
  • QtStudio: Crash if clicked on "Build" or "Edit"
  • QtStudio: Crash with loading of "Stamper Wizard" plugin
  • QtStudio: Deleting modified model can cause Crash
  • QtStudio: Mouse not always sticking when camera rotating
  • Refactor Fetch settings code to build settings URL in unified way
  • Reset tool stays highlighted if you pick up an 11th tool
  • Resolve Mac performance issue noticed by deepak
  • Restore RBXASSERT(count > 0) to RLE chunk decoding
  • Roblox.Console is no longer used and should be nuked
  • RobloxApp!RBX::Network::PropSync crash
  • Rotate handles are very difficult to use with small parts
  • Selecting plugin from Plugin Panel rises exception
  • SendClusterJob compute error is wrong
  • Some physics tests time out
  • Some services allow Copy & Paste
  • Some Unit Tests do not run on Mac
  • sometimes your cursor is a blackbox
  • speed up TerrainPartition construction
  • Stamper Wizard plugin cause a Crash in Roblox Studio for Mac
  • Stamping high-scalable terrain parts without terrain may throw an exception
  • StatsService unit test fails
  • Teleporting on gametest2 as a registered user causes client to crash (Windows only)
  • TestService clones my scripts!
  • Unchecking Auto on in-game graphics settings results in terrible performance even at lowest quality setting of 1
  • Unintentional multi-threading in lua cause client crash
  • We do not clear out the previous place (data model) when switching to a new game
  • xStudio - Mac/Windows - Arrow Keys in MRU Script Command Window
  • xStudio - Mac/Windows - Command Window MRU does not work properly
  • xStudio - Mac/Windows - When typing the name of an object in the Insert panel, the selection changes, but to panel does not autoscroll to the selection
  • xStudio - Mac/Windows - When you double-click an entry in the Insert Object panel, then item that it is inserted into is not expanded. The tree view should display the item, even if it isn't selected
  • xStudio - Mac/Windows - When you type Home or End in the Insert panel, the selection changes, but to panel does not autoscroll to the selection
  • xStudio (Mac/Win): Allow several Context Menu command to work in Script View
  • xStudio (Mac/Win): Tree View -> Contextual Menu -> Save to Roblox
  • xStudio (Windows)- Roblox Studio icons on Windows has black border & does not look good
  • xStudio Mac/Win - Try to open as many files as you can, at 5th or 6th file the model gets loaded with white background.
  • xStudio: View>Script Performance
  • Yieldable functions can't have a void return type
Rendering Fixes
Fixed Online Bugs/Performance
  • Holes in WTRB places? Replication Issue!
Other Changes
  • Finalize New Stamper Tool(s)
  • Remove Comments from appSettings.xml
  • Ship New Stamper Tools
  • Ship Stamper Studio Plugin
  • xStudio - Mac/Windows - Add an application icon for Windows and Main window icon for both Mac and Windows

03/08/2012 - 0.52.0

03/08/2012 | Client 0.52.0
Version: 0.52.0
Type: Client
Studio Bug Fixes
  • xStudio: DELETE key should DELETE the selected part
  • Qt: Settings dialog is too small
  • Material Brush Plugin: material sample icons in the palette are overlapping
  • xStudio (Mac/Win): Edit->Cut/Copy Menu does not get enabled when we select a text in Script Editor
  • xStudio (Mac/Win): Scripts do not open when we are in the Object Browser View
  • WTRB stamp GUI collapses on Mac 10.5
  • Setting dialog should not use setting.Changed event
  • xStudio (Mac/Win): Edit->Undo/Redo active even when there is nothing to undo/redo
  • My tools don't appear in quick bar but instead get put it into the backpack
  • Qt Studio: if insertObject (toolbox panel) embeded with Explorer then when you do Insert:Object... insertObject does not make itself visible
  • Backpack and Equipping/unequipping issues
  • Mac Studio: no tech info menu (Shift+F1 and Shift+F2)
  • Single terrain blocks can be stamped intersecting other blocks
  • 3d stamping fails if end mouse position is not on anything
  • Stamping multiple terrain through a wedge block
  • Stamping terrain through a wedge does not preview the wedge position
  • Very thin parts don't respect region 3 query that prevents other blocks from being stamped there
  • Terrain stamping does not start unless you click on Terrain to begin with
  • Stamper breaks unless a restricted region is set
  • MacStudio: Roblox URL is showing up under the cursor when dragging models from the Toolbox
  • ContentProvider uses //asset instead of /asset
  • Unsaved changes dialog in first person mode does not unlock the mouse
  • Physics Unit Tests Failed on Mac
  • Error found in US6703: BlockBlock_VertFace.rbxl times out
  • xStudio - Mac build error with recent checking for toolbox implementation
  • Backpack in SFOTH Still Making Sword Spawn In Backpack, Not in Inventory.
  • New Insert Behavior prevents me from copying/cutting/moving its script!
  • xStudio - Mac/Windows - print("asdfasdf <=aaaaa") doesn't work
  • Backpack breaks if it is open when you die
  • Gear loadout persistence fails after reset, gear buttons dont come back
  • Part Stamper GUI and "last 3 selected" palette remain on the screen even when Part Stamper is not active
  • Make Qt Studio View Panels - Dock Better
  • Qt Studio: View toggle toolbar - Remove View toggle for Start Page
  • Qt Studio: Use less "busy" icons for View toggle toolbar
  • xSTudio (Mac/Win): Allow the Command Input to work in Script View
  • xStudio - Implement the Diagnostics #REF! panel
  • xStudio New toolbox not Enabled
  • Remove local core script substitution path from appsettings.xml in RobloxStudio project
  • Fix for Windows XP authentication between FF, Chrome, ect browser and IE. This fix the build button not working on FF, Chrome, ect if you are not logged into IE first. Also fixes some teleport bugs related to this same issue.
Rendering Fixes
  • There is a seam in the far texture but only in the first section.
Other Changes
  • QtStudio: Toolbar for view related menu options
  • QTStudio: Script with GUI input
  • Remove Tools->Engine Stats item
  • xStudio: Tools>Thumbnail View



03/21/2012 | Web
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • Footer update - consolidated blog/community links into one link
  • Place Media - video policy update


03/19/2012 | Web
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • Change background to white
  • Move top-most ad to below menu
  • Menu stays at top of page when you scroll
  • Faster forum loading time


03/15/2012 | Web
Type: Web
Website Changes


03/12/2012 | Web
Type: Web
Website Changes


03/09/2012 | Web
Type: Web
Website Changes


03/08/2012 | Web
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • Link to a group from a place page if that page belongs to a group.


03/07/2012 | Web
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • User Ads Segmentation - tracking impressions & clicks
  • Bug fix - to allow removal of old redundant friend requests


03/05/2012 | Web
Type: Web
Summary: The Ambassador Program was deactivated. For more information see the blog post about it.
Website Changes


03/02/2012 | Web
Type: Web
Website Changes
  • Bug fix for PDF generation for Gifting