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Hi, I'm MemoryAddress. I'm a wiki editor; I do a lot of syntactical and grammatical work as well as housekeeping like cleaning up broken or double redirects. If you notice an issue on the wiki you can contact a member of the wiki staff through this group, PM me on ROBLOX, or if you're a writer you can poke me on my talk page or email me.


Any pages listed here are projects that are either incomplete or volatile. Except where noted, please don't edit them; suggest edits on the talk page instead.


These pages are proposals regarding wiki projects, procedures, or tools that need comments from a wide range of users before they can be executed.

  • General proposal notes. This is a short-form, informal series of ideas for improvements that can be made. Proposals start here and then graduate to their own pages.
  • RTC. This is a proposal for a real-time communications method. Seeking feedback.
  • SMW. This is a proposal for installing Semantic MediaWiki on the wiki. Seeking feedback.


These pages are either rewrites of existing pages or entirely new articles that aren't finished yet.

Memory Address/Drafts/Changing PropertiesMemory Address/Drafts/Format stringMemory Address/Drafts/Libraries and Samples/Binary Search
Memory Address/Drafts/Libraries and Samples/GraphMemory Address/Drafts/Parsing text

API Rewrite[edit]

This task is no longer active. The contents of this section are kept for historical interest.

These pages are related to the API module rewrite task. They're primarily design pages.

Memory Address/ApiRewrite/Class

Useful Resources[edit]

Neat stuff you might find useful.