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Welcome to the Wiki! If you're not already, you should become familiar with how Wiki Markup works. There's a good listing on the Wikipedia website. After that I suggest you browse around this site and take a look at pages that have already been created. On this page you'll find examples of how to write different pages that are unique to this website, such as Class Reference pages.

If you have a question don't be afraid to ask! My talk page is the best place to discuss things.

Contacting me

If you need to discuss something, or make me aware of something, the best way is to post on my talk page. ---User:Mr Doom Bringer (Talk) 17:38, 17 June 2011 (UTC)

Articles to delete

I have executive powers to completely delete pages. I also am not on the wiki all that often. If you want a page to be completely removed, add it to the Pending Removal list.

Class Reference Page


So if you haven't already, take a look at the awesome that is the Class Reference page. This is a listing of all the objects in Roblox Lua, and a mirror to the listing in the Reflection Metadata. Each section has both an icon, and a drop-down menu that shows the object's methods, properties and events. You'll notice that the global properties are colored slightly differently than the rest of them. This is on purpose.


Because there are a lot of these pages, I spent a lot of time setting up several templates to make it as painless as possible. It was still pretty painful, so NXTBoy and Mattchewy make a much better system

Take a look at Template:ObjectPage to get an idea of how to put one together. This is where the title link on Class Reference goes. Like the tabs? There's an example over here.

The actual object hierarchy that appears on the Class Reference page is the name, preceeded by Object: . For example, Object:Part. This page is not meant to be linked to on it's own, but to be transcluded into the page. Read up on transclusion here Now if you look at the source of this page, you will be sorely disappointed that it's a single line. These are really complex templates whipped up by NXTBoy, you can read about them on the template page. Once you get them down, they're pretty cool.


Icon list: Category:RBX.Lua Object icons

If a new object is introduced, you'll need to add to that list. You have upload privileges, so go for it. Make sure it looks good and is a 18px × 18px transparent PNG image.


You'll notice on the Object page that there are a bunch of property boxes in the various tabs. These are separate transcluded pages as well, check one out at MakeJoints (Method). Here at the top you can see the actual bit which is transcluded, and below that is some additional information about the method/property/whatever. This fits into the idea of searchability, if you look for something specific, you will find it, and you can still find more information about it. Note that they are color coded similarly to the color that appears in the Reflection Metadata. This is to maintain color coding patterns, which are easy to pick up. ChildAdded (Event). Shape (Property).

Note that there is a special case for Size (Property). If you go to that page you'll get 3 different property values. That page is actually 3 separate sub-pages, because Roblox will sometimes have the same property name, but not the same property type. Size has an Int version, a UDim2 version, and a Vector3 version. There's a really simple way to separate them out:

Simply transclude those pages instead of the size one.


Want to use tabs on your page to separate content? Check out the tutorial.

Image Map

Bookmark this page, it is your best friend for image maps

Image maps are used to make regions of an image links to other pages. You can see an example of this with the menu from Welcome to Roblox and on the Studio page.

Stuck? Need work?

If you need something to work on, we have a heap of object documentation pages that need to be created. It would be great if we could get more of these pages written.

These objects are missing either properties, events, or methods and they need to be documented first. Please investigate what each property does before you write it. Here is the cat:


These objects are either objects that no one knows what they do, or the old description was invalid. They need descriptions added on to them: