This is a tutorial on how to get started making games on ROBLOX. This article will go over resources and stuff that will help get you on your feet, and allow me to easily respond to your PMs.

1. Install ROBLOX Studio[edit]

The first step is to get ROBLOX Studio, and to learn how to use it.

  • You will need administrative powers, I believe
  • Studio is oftentimes a few iriterations behind ROBLOX's regular launcher, and whatnot. So sometimes front-end features are only enabled in game. Just know this may be a case.
  • Install studio for windows!
  • No idea how to install it for Macs. :/

Set it up correctly for development[edit]

ROBLOX Studio is not initially setup correctly when you install it. We're going to configure it so we can set it up ok.

Make sure that the Explorer and property window are visible.

Learn about how to use it[edit]

Try dragging blocks around, et cetera. You can see in the explorer that everything is nested, that is, has a "parent" and may have "children."

2. Create a place[edit]

Next we're going to create, or open a place. There are several ways we can do this.

  • Launch ROBLOX Studio and select the place you want to edit. Edit it from the web interface
  • Open up a saved copy of the file you want. It's good to keep copies on your harddrive, so you don't have to upload to your active place.