Me, xzbobzx, Joined Roblox on September 17 2008, I've experienced mediocre fame in the past, and I'm currently enjoying the freedom of being long forgotten by the masses. As of December 6th 2012 I have been a Roblox wiki writer.

Early life

I joined September 17 2008 with ID 1083429, a time in which Roblox was undergoing interesting updates, from guests to the trading system, I saw everything change before my eyes. Within the first week of my arrival I made himself familiar with Roblox Studio, and ever since that, I was building games.

Vehicle Seats

When 2009 arrived I first got my hands on the new Vehicle Seats, allowing you to create drivable cars in Roblox. I was thrilled, and finally I could start chasing my childhood dream of building racing games, and within no-time I had my first destruction derby set up using Joint Breaker Scripts, which allowed cars to be destroyed upon impact with walls and/or other cars. After that I went on to build actual racing cars, and a few months later I had an actual racetrack up and running.