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Xbox Featuring Checklist

Guideline Pass
NO alcohol / tobacco / drug references or usage
NO nudity / sexual / provocative references
NO realistic physical conflict or realistic weapons
NO blood / gore
NO Profanity / Bad Language
NO discrimination or encouragement thereof
NO gambling of ANY kind or encouragement thereof
NO excessive frights or realistic depictions of fear
NO References to acts of any the above (e.g. references to acts of violence, acts of discrimination, etc.)
NO content that is likely to offend a group of users (religions / cultures / races / communities of people)
NO unlicensed copy-written material (images, audio, text or speech without explicit permission from owner)
Explicit and licensed permission to use all music in game (evidenced with link to music library)
Explicit and licensed permission to use all sound effects in game (evidenced with link to effect library)
Sound effects and music do not instill feelings of intense fear in young children
Sound effects and music are not be so crude as to be inappropriate for young children
Game controls remain responsive unless game is loading
Loading states are clearly communicated to player
Game controls are explained within the game and not the game's description
Game controls are explained in Xbox specific terminology
Gameplay Experience
Core game loop only ends at player's behest or when game reaches an intended fail state
Game loop never halts with no opportunity to progress
Game Configurations
Avatar Appearance Override is set appropriately (true if game uses non-default character appearance)
Game is Active
Game does not limit access exclusively to Builders Club Members
Game does not limit access exclusively to Friends
Game is not Paid Access
Game has FilteringEnabled set to true
Game does not use platform specific data stores
Game does not have Xbox specific version (separate from same game available on other platforms)
Game Title
NO symbols
NO messaging regarding Alpha / Beta / Testing status
Version number (if present) is greater than or equal to 1.0
Game Description
First paragraph is stand alone
First paragraph adequately summarizes the game
NO instructional or tutorial content
NO requests for favorites or thumbs up
NO links
Game Icon
Is 1080x1080px
Reads from 10 feet away on an HD TV
Game Thumbnails
Game has at least 3 thumbnails
Every thumbnail is 1920x1080px
Reads from 10 feet away on an HD TV
Game has 0 or 4+ badges
Majority of badge descriptions clearly describe how they are obtained
In-game Interfaces
Reads from 10 feet away on an HD TV
Only references Xbox One controls (no references to keyboard, mouse, touch)
Only one interactive menu visible at any given time
Menus and screens do not generally overlap
Menus communicate contents and button actions clearly without unnecessary duplication
B button almost always used to close a menu
Menus do not have multiple close buttons
Controller dot not present unless necessitated by gameplay
Purchase Experience
Displayed purchase prices are legible and correct
Purchasing prices are not misleading or allow players to make obvious purchasing mistakes
Purchased items operate as advertised with their function and control well explained
Purchase are granted/activated/usable immediately after purchase